The INEB Institute’s three-month School of English for Engaged Social Service (SENS) cultivates the qualities necessary for self-knowledge and compassionate leadership at a time of growing crisis and uncertainty. The course helps students explore their relationships to emerging global crises—including climate change, social inequality, violence, and lack of voice—and their local manifestations. Through a study of the many signs of hope that are now emerging around the world, we help students to clarify their life direction, set goals, and design action plans. Our next program, running from January 6th to April 3rd, 2019, takes up the theme of Interfaith Understanding towards Peace and Sustainability.

Now in its fourth year, this transformative program has a reputation for developing students’ confidence in themselves, their use of English, and their leadership abilities to initiate social change. Many of our students come from marginalized communities across South and Southeast Asia with very limited access to resources. Seven such students have already been offered full or partial scholarships. The following students also have excellent qualifications and have been accepted into the program. Many of them need support to be able to join the program. Total program cost for each student is $6,000. (We have retained profiles of students who received full funding while this flyer was in progress to give a broader sense of our student cohort.)

Please consider making a donation via:

• Transfer money to the INEB Institute account: Siam Commercial Bank, Plc, Charoen Nakhon Branch, Savings Acct #024-2-62146-8, SWIFT Code – SICOTHBK
• Go online and donate to INEB Institute’s crowdfunding campaign
• Go to INEB Network website and donate through INEB PayPal account

Kindly let us know about your donation at and we can send you an official receipt.

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Download Student Appeal in PDF – Click: SENS 2019 – Support Needed for Students Flyer – Final Please Share Widely

Download SENS program brochure – Click: SENS 2019 Brochure Final – Pls Share