SENS English Teacher Training Online 2022 (SENS LibrETTO)

September 10th to October 15th, 2022


Essential Skills and Perspectives in Teaching English

An Introduction in Six Saturday Morning Sessions


For seven years, the School of English for Engaged Social Service (SENS), has explored a new approach to language learning and teaching that:

  • Makes for a livelier, more effective, and more meaningful classroom experience.
  • Aims to share tools so that effective listening and mutual support can occur between participants.
  • Responds to and advances the interests and goals of the learners, while also making teaching more rewarding and fun.
  • Consciously encourages students’ awareness of self, society, and nature, from the local to the planetary level. All this…
  • Is necessary because we now face unprecedented challenges that demand our common attention and our thoughtful responses and action.

We are now ready to share what we’ve learned over the years!

In this English teacher training, you will learn how to make images and stories engaging and interactive, how to effectively integrate physical movement, pacing, and variety into your class plan, how to set up Conversation Circles, Mingling, and Listening Pairs, how to provide useful basic information on social and ecological realities while eliciting students’ honest sharing about their own experiences, and more.

If any or all of this sounds interesting to you, then we are also interested in meeting and working with you!

SENS is a project of the Institute for Transformative Learning of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB Institute), working in Thailand under the officially registered Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation.

We are very grateful to the Regional English Language Office (RELO) of the US Embassy in Bangkok for making this program possible through a generous grant!


If you are an English teacher from Thailand, Myanmar, or Malaysia who would delight in the chance to reflect on and enrich your own teaching, we extend to you a warm invitation to apply to our program. 

When?    Six Saturdays from September 10 to October 15, 2022

Where?  Online


Teachers: Led by Theodore Mayer, Designer and Director of the School of English for Engaged Social Service (SENS), and his assistants.

Students: Citizens of Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia are eligible to apply. We welcome students from all ethnic, religious, or other identity backgrounds.

How?      Complete the application form, which is here, and send to by August 27th, 2022 (an early application increases your chance of selection), then pass the selection process (with interview), and attend all six sessions.

Cost?  If you are selected to join this program, participation is free!